411VM - Issue 1

411VM - Issue 1 cover art
411VM - Issue 1 feature image
411VM - Issue 1 feature image
411VM - Issue 1 feature image
411VM - Issue 1 feature image
Profiles: Jeremy Wray. Chaos. Earwax: Eric Sermon. Fine Tuning: Ray Barbee, Mirko Magnum, Tony Hawk. Transitions. Wheels Of Fortune: Aaron Bleasdale, Paul Shapiro, Mike Hayes, Jesse Paez, Rob Carlyon. Contests: Sierra Madness, NSA Pro, Street Contest. Schoolyards. Libre: Josh Swindel Interview. The Industry: The Firm. Route 66: Australia Tour With Alan Peterson and Salman Agah. Switchstance. London Metrospective. Contest: Northeast Invasion Contests in New Jersey, Connecticut, New York. Grapevine. Chaos. Advertisements: Color, Phat Magazine, Birdhouse, Underworld Correctional Facility, Etnies, Mad Circle, Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, Zero Sophisto, Skully Bros International.


Sol - The Boxcar
Jeremy Wray Profiles: 
Gibb Droll - Melting Pot
Aaron Bleasdale Wheels Of Fortune: 
Gas Huffer - George Washington
Paul Shapiro Wheels Of Fortune: 
Crash Course - Prince Of The City
Mike Hayes Wheels Of Fortune: 
Uncle! - Piano Movers
Jesse Paez Wheels Of Fortune: 
Supreme Love Gods - Nothing
Rob Carlyon Wheels Of Fortune: 
Hemi - Dog Tied Again
Sierra Tahoe Contests: 
Shovelhead - Tired And Afraid
London Metrospective: 
Odd Numbers - So Many Girls
Chaffey, Carlsbad, Pioneer, Huntington, Lockwood Schoolyards: 
Hemi - Freeloader
Playground Skatepark Street And Vert Contests: 
Funky Beatniks - Morning Void
3% Fat - Causin Chaos
Supreme Love Gods - Fire
Gibb Droll - Unfaithful Woman