House of Pain - Jump Around
Mark Gonzales - If You Don't See Me Having Fun
Lucas Puig #1: 
Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls
Lucas Puig #2: 
Nancy Sinatra - Lightning's Girl
Rodrigo TX: 
Troy Ave - Me and You
Mark Suciu: 
Beach House - Sparks
Na-kel Smith and Jake Donnelly #1: 
James Brown - I Feel Good
Na-kel Smith and Jake Donnelly #2: 
Bankroll Fresh - Hot Boy
Steve Reich - Music For 18 Musicians: IX
Gunes Ozdogan, Pete Eldridge, and Kevin Lowry: 
Dusty Springfield - Spooky
Nestor Judkins: 
New Order - Your Silent Face
Battles - The Yabba
Miles Silvas: 
Skepta - In Ain't Safe
Lem Villemin: 
White Denim - Street Joy
London #1: 
Rezzett - Fire Bomb
London #2: 
Rezzett - Skungle Mung'd
Chewy Cannon, Benny Fairfax, and Blondey McCoy: 
Trigga & Chimpo - Who Run Tingz
Jack Fardell: 
Sonic Youth - Catholic Block
Los Angeles: 
Toro Y Moi - So Many Details
Dennis Durrant and Raul Navarro: 
Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause
Klaus Bohms and Gustav Tonnesen: 
Panda Bear - Crosswords
Alec Majerus: 
Perfume Genius - Queen
New York: 
Mark Gonzales - New York Is A Magic City
Tyshawn Jones: 
Bankroll Fresh - Behind The Fence
Silas Baxter-Neal #1: 
The Pixies - Monkey Gone To Heaven
Silas Baxter-Neal #2: 
Heartless Bastards - The Mountain
Dana Dianda - Wallie World
Dennis Busenitz #1: 
Snoop Dogg - The Shiznit
Dennis Busentiz #2: 
David Bowie - Life On Mars
Suicideyear - I Don't Care About Death Because I Smoke
Charles Bradley - World Is Going Up In Flames