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independent (47 min)
Ainta (2004)
Ainta Skateboarding Video Magazine & 34... Productions presents... Greek Skateboarding Video... 06.04.2004... Video Edited by Hippys 4 Ainta Productions...



Professional Sinners - Professional Sinners
Big Montage Part 1: 
The Routes - Zeroes In The Air
Simeon Dolgopolof: 
Freestylers - Intro
Event Contest: 
Ksotika - Toso Thola, Toso Lefka
Billy Gryparis File: 
DJ Chrish Gkabuas - Glove-Alkatraz 98
Thomas Koulousis File: 
Nikko Patrelakis - Dreams
Dinos Sotiriou File: 
Kid Stretch - Concentrate On Nothing
Giotis Gordios File: 
Nikko Patrelakis - Transience
Big Montage Part 2: 
146 - Hip Hop Mix
Giannis Gordios: 
Suprême NTM - Touche pas à ma musique (That's My People Remix)
Psilonaut - Third from the Sun