Albion cover art


Albion is a British skateboarding video by Ryan Gray, Kevin Parrott & Morph featuring Jak Pietryga, Scott 'Horsey' Walker and Ben Raemers and Denis Lynn, alongside Nick Remon, Karim Bakhtaoui, Tom Penny, Charlie Birch, Kris Vile and Daryl Dominguez all shot in glorious SD on Sony VX cameras.


Intro/Daryl Dominguez: 
Do Make Say Think - Horns Of A Rabbit
Denis Lynn: 
Zerben R Hicks & The Dynamics - Lights Out
Montage #1: 
The Supremes - Stoned Love
Kris Vile: 
Drapers - The Love I Had
Charlie Birch: 
Do Make Say Think - Goodbye Enemy Airship
Karim Bakhtaoui: 
DJ Scream Feat. Rick Ross - National Champs
Tom Penny: 
Do Make Say Think - Frederica
Montage #2: 
Yes - Beyond And Before
Ben Raemers & Horsey: 
John Cooper Clarke - Post-War Glamour Girl
Jak Pietryga #1: 
John Dummer - Love Ain't Nothing But Sorrow Blues Band
Jak Pietryga #2: 
Stinkin' Slumrok X Sam Zircon - Microphone Junkie
Giggs - Hustle On (Video Version)