Alien Workshop - Fall 1998

Alien Workshop - Fall 1998 cover art
promo (7 min)
United States
Originally produced for the Industry section of 411VM's Issue 30, Alien Workshop's Fall 1998 Promo is a rare and sometimes forgotten piece of the AWS video Library.



1. Intro: 
2. Jason Dill: 
Charles Kynard - It's Too Late
3. Fred Gall: 
The Vibrations - Ain't No Greens In Harlem
4. Rob Dyrdek, Mike Hayes, John Drake: 
5. Scott Conklin: 
Presage (Mr Dibbs and Jel) - Novus Ordo Seclorum
6. Anthony Van Engelen (AVE): 
Presage - Divide and Conquer
7. Josh Kalis: 
Oakbridge - What It Needs