Alien Workshop - Mind Field

Alien Workshop - Mind Field cover art
"Filmed and built over the span of 2005-2009, Mind Field is the 4th full lengh audio/visual offering by AWS. A document of the team's raw talent and eclectic personalities interlaced with the workshop's undying pursuit of visual individuality and creative freedom."


Amazing Grace - Bagpipes
Omar Salazar Opening: 
J Mascis - Creepies
Omar Salazar Title: 
Growing - Grandmas Drunk Again
Omar Salazar: 
Dinosaur Jr. - Almost Ready
Jake Johnson: 
Animal Collective - My Girls
Arto Saari: 
Battles - Atlas
Dylan Rieder: 
Elliott Smith - Coast To Coast
People Pushers: 
Sebadoh - K-Sensa-My
Steve Berra: 
Songs: Ohia - John Henry Split My Heart
Rob Dyrdek: 
Steve Winwood and Traffic - Dear Mr. Fantasy
Josh Kalis: 
BullyMouth - Boom Box
Grant Taylor Title: 
Growing - We Will Never Win
Grant Taylor: 
Dinosaur Jr. - Grab It
Jason Dill: 
Animal Collective - In The Flowers
Tyler Bledsoe: 
Modeselektor - The White Flash (feat. Thom Yorke)
Mikey Taylor Title: 
Growing - Wrong Ride
Mikey Taylor: 
Dinosaur Jr. - Crumble
Anthony Van Engelen: 
The Adolescents - Kids Of The Black Hole
Flight Form: 
Duane Pitre - Music For Microtonal Guitar And Mallets
Heath Kirchart: 
Morrissey - Speedway
Heath Kirchart Ender: 
Duane Pitre - Study For "Sun AM"
Credits #1: 
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Untitled Roadside Demo
Credits #2: 
Growing - Innit
DVD Menu: 
Duane Pitre - Motorized Music For Electric Guitar No. 1
Bonus - Marquise Henry: 
Apollo Heights - Everlasting Gobstopper
Bonus - Visual Concepts & Construction: 
Duane Pitre - The Ensemble Chord In Eb With A Minor 7th And A Pump Organ Base
Bonus - Mind Field Ads: 
Paul Humphrey - A Quiet Theatre Without A Cacophony Of Confessions
Bonus - Thoughts: 
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Lake Feet
Bonus - Montage: 
Japanther - The Whales
Bonus - Kalis in Mono Intro: 
Duane Pitre - Music For Microtonal Guitar And Mallets
Bonus - Super 8: 
Cass McCombs - Petrified Forest
Trailer 1: 
M83 - Fields, Shorelines And Hunters
Trailer 2: 
Dinosaur Jr. - Repulsion