Anti Social

Anti Social cover art
skateshop (43 min)


Beck - Jagermeister Pie
Mitch Charron: 
Roy Ayers - Shining symbol
Jesse Booi: 
The Cars - Just what I needed
Trevor Dunnet: 
Talking Heads - Sugar on my tongue
The Velvet Underground - Im sticking with you
Mike Christie: 
The mountain goats - See america right
Session Skating: 
Nick Drake - Cello Song
Keegan Sauder #1: 
The Pogues - Dirty old town
Keegan Sauder #2: 
Budgie - Crash course in brain surgery
Buddy Holly - Raining in my heart
Mike McDermotts: 
Electric Light Orchestra - Yours truly, 2095
Rick McCrank: 
Modest Mouse - What people are made of
Magnolia Electric Co. - Farewell Transmission