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This is the 2nd video from AREth footwear in the USA and includes many Japanese riders that filmed during a month long tour of Japan. Mostly filmed in SF with some sights across São Paulo, Portland, Seattle, LA and Miami. Approximately 20 minutes. Including Ty Beall, Shoma Takeda, Dylan Drew, Etiel Rojas, Jameel Douglas, Jesse Narvaez, Koki Loaiza, Connor Kammerer, Alex Schmidt, Shinnosuke Michiue, Jeremiah Nares, Kohei Miura, Kojiro Hara & Takaaki Shinzato. Write up from quartersnacks about Ty Beall’s part: “Helmed by master videographer Zach Chamberlin the short and sweet part opens up with a few Bay Area clips before flying over the Pacific to traverse the sorts of high-bust, claustrophobic Japanese spots that have captured the hearts and minds of the sorts of skaters who treat each clip Like it’s own little caper. By the time he’s riding out his ender into a mound of half-asphalt / half-dirt, it’s hard not to wish this one was not only longer, but also a prelude to an extended Ty Beall Japan Part™.”