ATM - Come Together

ATM - Come Together cover art


Beatles - Come Together
Jon West: 
David Bowie - Andy Warhol
Tony Hawk: 
The Stone Roses - Elizabeth My Dear
Hondo Soto: 
Adam Beltz: 
Max Roach - Conversation
MONTAGE #1: Mat O'Brien/Hanzy Driscoll/Joel Price/Nanda Zipp/Charley Watts: 
Donovan - There Is A Mountain
Nanda Zipp: 
Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
Pete Mihalenko: 
Lou Reed - Walk On The Wild Side
Mike Manzoori: 
The Rolling Stones - She's A Rainbow
Tom Penny: 
Lou Reed - Satalite Of Love
Brian Gaberman: 
Art Blakey - Chicken N' Dumplings
MONTAGE #2: Danny Way, Brad Erlandson, Jason Corbbet, Niel Urwin, Ian Gunner, Mat Andersen, Ali Cairns, Mike Bruce, Paul Sharpe, Nanda Zipp: 
The Stone Roses - Your Star Will Shine
Untitled Section: 
The Stone Roses - Straight To The Man
Jon Miner: 
Cat Stevens - Lady D' Arbanville
Tom Boyle: 
Paul McCartney - Heart Of The Country
Brandon Carabajal: 
Mother Earth - Wham Bam Thank You
MONTAGE #3: Mat Fowler, Jamie Thomas, Chad Shettler, Sluggo, Max Schaaf, Tas Pappas, Mike Frazier, Mike Crum and Judd Hertzler: 
Slint - Nosferatos Man
Mario Rubalcaba: 
Tortoise - Ry Cooder
Untitled Section: 
Mother Earth - Warlocks Of The Mind
Untitled Section: 
Black Sabbath - Planet Caravan