Black Label - Back In Black

Black Label - Back In Black cover art


intro #1: 
Mike Judge - Beavis And Butthead Theme
intro #2: 
The Zeros - Pushin' Too Hard
Peter Watkins: 
Part Chimp - Cover Me
Pat Rakestraw: 
The Sparkles - No Friend Of Mine
Kyle Leeper: 
The Black Keys - Busted
Anthony Schultz: 
Anglo Jackson - Motorbike
Chaz Pineda: 
The Needles - Shake Yourself
Matt Mumford: 
Fu Manchu - Neptune's Convoy
U.S. Bombs - Cheers
Chet Childress: 
L.A.B. - Tiki
Chris Troy: 
Joy Division - Walked In Line
Adam Alfaro: 
Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love
The Hunns - Back In Black