Blood Wizard - Wizard Bloody Wizard

Blood Wizard - Wizard Bloody Wizard cover art
Blood Wizard isn't underground, it's other-dimension. Just know these dudes have skating in their blood. Here's Kunz, Gurney, Toad, Krahn, and the rest of the team. With special mention for opener Chris Gregson and closer Drew Dezort.


Faust - Psalter
Chris Gregson: 
Blood Ceremony - Return To Forever
Nich Kunz: 
Rodriguez - Inner City Blues
Jack Given: 
Minutemen - Search
Montage #1: 
Goat - Run To Your Mama
Montage #2: 
Devil - At The Blacksmith's
Antonius Dintcho & Ben Krahn: 
Drew Dezort: 
Boulder - Fall From Graves
Gregory Isaacs - Leggo Breast
Ben Krahn: