Blue Tile Lounge - Meanwhile

Blue Tile Lounge - Meanwhile cover art
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Hayden - Tea Pad
Mike Billington (8mm): 
Mike Billington: 
The Walkmen - That's The Punch Line
Richie Preston & Gord Hardie (8mm): 
Richie Preston & Gord Hardie: 
Love - Always See Your Face (Edit Version)
Andrew Heuckendorff: 
Pinkback - Syracuse
Wes Loates (8mm): 
James Brown - Sportin' Life
Wes Loates: 
Viktor Vaughn - Mr. Clean
Friends (8mm): 
Papa M - Glad You're Here With Me
Led Zeppelin - Fool In The Rain
Matt Ballantyne #1: 
Broken Social Scene - I'm Still Your Fag
Matt Ballantyne #2: 
Papa M - Wedding Song No. 3
Johnny Grieco: 
The Chocolate Watch Band - Baby Blue
Mike LeBlanc (8mm): 
Mr. Dibbs - Habitat 2nd Segment
Mike LeBlanc #1: 
RJD2 - Seven Light Years
Mike LeBlanc #2: 
Prince Paul - It's A Stick Up
Adam McLaughlin (8mm): 
Jason Collett - Tinsel And Sawdust
Adam McLaughlin: 
Black Sabbath - Hand of Doom
Credits #1: 
The Beatles - Long, Long, Long
Credits #2: 
The Beatles - Mother Nature's Son
Credits #3: 
Broken Social Scene - Love And Mathematics