Brainsworld cover art


Molly Nilsson - Hiroshima Street
John O'Neal: 
Small Black - Strange Machines
Tyler Gould: 
Future Islands - A Dream of You and Me
Lucas Lebran: 
Tame Impala - Remember Me
Shawn Patrick: 
Twin Sister - Phenomenon
Tino Rincon: 
Three Six Mafia - Ridin in the Chevy
Brandon Short & Damon Tyrell: 
Wild Nothing - Gemini
Friends #1: 
Small Black - Panthers
Friends #2: 
Film School - Ms.Connection
Kane Kimball: 
Black Marble - Balancing
Aaron Goure #1: 
Hannah Diamond - Pink and Blue
Aaron Goure #2: 
Talking Heads - Once In A Life Time
Rick Clark: 
The Death Set - I Miss You Beau Velasco
Thomas Turner: 
Generationals - Victim of the Trap
Dakoda Osusky: 
Black Ryder - Outside
Andrew Jacquez: 
The Dolly Rocker Movement - Coffin Love
Kea Smith #1: 
Grimes - Genesis
Kea Smith #2: 
Chad Vangaalen - Where are You
Raveonettes - With my Eyes Closed