Broadway cover art
Broadway tours the older architecture of the Bay Area without stepping foot in San Francisco. Focused primarily in the East Bay, but stretching into small cities, and even rural towns around Northern California, it shows the value of what can be found on the periphery of a great skate metropolis. It’s an appreciation for the built environment, people, culture and real life happening around us; an 8-year endeavour. Broadway is the second half of a double-feature, directed by Brett Nichols. Watch Pathways 2 • Pathways 2 to see the concept inverted; an imagined world of skateable modern architecture and surreal imagery. Featuring Greg DeMartini, Reuben Barrack, Gerardo Peniche, Kyle Militante, Harrison Hafner, Chris Jatoft, Josh Paz and more. Filmed and edited by Brett Nichols Photo: Elijah Akerly, front feeble, by Tadashi Yamaoda Artwork by Cosme Studio


Greg Demartini intro: 
Weather Report - Scarlet Woman
Greg Demartini#1: 
Gace Jones - Pull Up to the Bumper
Greg Demartini #2: 
Klockwerk Orange - Duonyyunohddeprince
Greg Demartini #4: 
Phil Renelin - Vibes from the Tribe
Gerardo Peniche intro: 
Giorgio Moroder - Midnight Express
Gerardo Peniche #1: 
Giorgio Moroder - Tears
Gerardo Peniche #2: 
Meridian Brothers - Guaracha U.F.O
Gerardo Peniche #3: 
Los Bukis - Mar de Soledad
Reuben Barrack intro: 
Lou Mac - Move Me
Reuben Barrack #1: 
Grace Jones - I've Seen That Face Before
Reuben Barrack #2: 
Bernardo Bonezzi - La Soledad de Gloria
Kyle Militante #1: 
The Don Ellis Orchestra & Don Ellis - Open Beauty
Kyle Militante #2: 
The Ikettes - I'm Blue
Harrison Halfer intro: 
Grace Jones - My Jamaican Guy
Harrison Halfer #1: 
Los Grillos - Pueblito
Harrison Halfer #2: 
Paul Simon - Can't Run But
Harrison Halfer #3: 
Eric Delaney - Bit Noise from Winnetka
Chris Jatoft intro: 
Peter Thomas - Corals in Space
Chris Jatoft #1: 
Meridian Brothers - Escuchen el Grito Del Tigrillo
Chris Jatofl #2: 
Virna Lindt - Underwater Boy
Josh Paz intro: 
Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man
Josh Paz #1: 
Polish Radio Orchestra - Why Do You Say Goodbye
Josh Paz #2: 
Phyllis Dillon - Sommething
Penny & The Quarters - You and Me