Capetown cover art
"Good times ahead when there’s Yann Horowitz waiting for you at the airport. Jump into the van and get ready for a 10 days adventure that will take you from penguin beach and Capetown’s central business district all the way to the suburbs’ cuttiest spots and best Chakalaka places. Vibes on an all time high for locals and tourists alike. Welcome to the city where the clouds gather!" -Irregular Skateboard Magazine


1. Intro: 
Nahawa Doumbia - Korô Dia (à Mamaye Dramé L'inoubliable)
2. Montage 1: 
'Om' Alec Khaoli & Umoja - Say You Love Me
3. Segue 1: 
My Bloody Valentine - Is This And Yes
4. Montage 2: 
Cellski & Killa Kiese - It's On
5. Segue 2: 
My Bloody Valentine - Is This And Yes
6. Montage 3/Credits: 
Novalis - Es färbte sich die Wiese grün
7. Post Credits: 
Moin - Crappy Dreams Count