Capicu - Remedy

Capicu - Remedy cover art
"A short skate video based on the the everyday events of up and coming skaters in New York City … filmed over the summer of 2001."


Mixed Part: 
Bread - Any Way You Want Me
Repo Man - Dangerous Levels
Scot Schwartz: 
The Strokes - Last Night
Barry Scott: 
Funk Face - Doggie Style
Nolan Lee: 
Talib Kweli - Too Late
Harold Hunter: 
Quim Cardona - ?
Jake Lewis: 
Parliament - Red Hot Mama
Mixed Part 2: 
Notorious B.I.G. - Dead Wrong
Danny Falla: 
OutKast - Skew It On BBQ
Mixed Part 3: 
Repo Man - Express Yo Self!