Carhartt WIP Skateboarding - PRECIOUS

Carhartt WIP Skateboarding - PRECIOUS cover art
Directed by Paris-based filmmaker Joaquim Bayle, PRECIOUS builds on Carhartt WIP’s last full-length skate project INSIDE OUT, which was released in 2022. This instalment explores skateboarding in the United States, situating the team riders amidst the sprawling suburbs of Los Angeles and New York’s sleepless, frenetic streets. Directed & Edited by Joaquim Bayle Cinematographer - Angelo Marques Camera Operator - Romain Batard - Trevor Dare - Ryan Mettz Written by Joaquim Bayle & Alexander Kelvy Produced by Joseph Biais - Etienne Chatelain - Reggie Colvin Production company - Pral Photography - Joaquim Bayle Voice Over - Alexander Kelvy Colorist - Arnaud Laurent Mix - Sodasound Music supervisor - Ashleigh Macleen Art direction – Joaquim Bayle & Tilman Kunkel Music 1.BONES, Ghostghoul - Silverado - album / DreamCard 2.BONES, Lyson - Driveway - album / SCRAPS 3.Show Me The Body - WW4 - album / TROUBLE THE WATER 4.Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm - Danube Dwellers - album / Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm 5.Deftones - Be quiet and Drive (Far Away) -album - Around the Fur Special thanks : Wilfried Atzert Edwin Faeh Salomee Faeh Willem Kampert Philipp Maiburg © 2024 Work in Progress Textilhandels GmbH


BONES, Ghostghoul - Silverado
BONES, Lyson - Driveway
Show Me The Body - WW4
Dali Muru & The Polyphonic Swarm - Danube Dwellers
Deftones - Be quiet and Drive (Far Away)