Challers - Chall

Challers - Chall cover art
Filmed by Kevin Marteniz & Phil Lopez DVD's available at:


Austin Holcomb: 
Stevie Perez: 
Shawty Pimp Feat. Reddog - Kickin' Pimpin'
Derricke Nua #1: 
Agent Orange - Too Young To Die
Derricke Nua #2: 
Hart Pullman #1: 
Billy Idol - Nobody's Business
Hart Pullman #2: 
8Ball & MJG - Pimps In The House
Hart Pullman #3: 
Paul Anka - Diana (Album Version)
Adrian Herrera: 
Santana - Oye Come Va
Conner Frost: 
DIIV - Valentine
Tristan Funkhouser and Eddie "Mighty" Moreno: 
Roland Jones (Volume One Its One)
Max Klein: 
The Cure - Halo
Cody Grant & Ryan McClary: 
Les Sins - Talk About