Chancla: Lisbon

Chancla: Lisbon cover art


"The concept of a skate trip is quite simple and very familiar to most of us. You get a group of friends together, pick a desirable destination, check spots, a place to crash, and got for it. Now take this concept as old as skateboarding itself and apply it to a crew of 30 people, all good friends or rather familia, all great skateboarders, and even better human beings. That's Chancla. Organized by Rodrigo Gonzales. After an amazing tour in Brazil, the 14-day spot demolition tour chose its new destination: Lisbon. Chancla is family. Enjoy." -Pocket Skate Mag. Additional Filming: Julian Eduardo, Daniel Galli, Andre Saide, Lucas Marques. Photos by Burny.


Bernard Wright - Who Do You Love
Dexter - Eu Sou Função