CHAPPED - BLACK 2.0 cover art


Black metal, tunnel fires, ditch rips and plenty of dirt eating, this brutal vision from New Mexico will shake you to your core. Evan Smith, Suciu and Villani even join in the chaos—this flick’s heavy!


Jake The Jeweler: 
CHAPPED - Death Ceremony
Agush Agushi & Evan Smith: 
CHAPPED - Puppet Master
Tyler Franz & Diego Alvarado: 
SHELLSHAG - Pretty Ugly
PETER STUBB - The Beast In Rambo
Clive Dixon, Clint Walker, Mark Suciu, Franky Villani, Jake Reuter, CJ Collins, Elijah Akerley, Zane Timpson, Daniel Lutheran, Ace Pelka: 
PETER STUBB - They Call Me The Wildma
George Owen: 
PETER STUBB - Tobacco Is My Favorite Vegetable
CHAPPED - Ditches Are Deadly" (Friends Pt. 1)
Mike Dominguez: 
PETER STUBB - Ballad Of The GunfighteR
Bryant Chapo: 
CHAPPED - Dream Sequence No. 1 (Friends Pt. 2)
Untitled Section: 
CHAPPED - Son Of A Gift
Untitled Section: 
WHITE BAT / WAX ATOM - Ghost In The Tunnel