Chocolate - The Chocolate Tour

Chocolate - The Chocolate Tour cover art
It is the summer of 1999 and what the Chocolate team thinks will be a normal skateboarding tour across the USA, turns into a race against time with a new set of rules… Brushes with the law, forgery and fraud are just a few of the startling mis-adventures the Chocolate Brotherhood have on their way to saving the only other family they’ve ever known – the Girl team. Armed with a healthy respect for their elders, and a strong sense of camaraderie, the Chocolate team faces the overwhelming responsibility of being the last hope for their Girl brothers… or are they?


Tim Gavin: 
Creation - Making Time
Opening Credits: 
Kraftwerk - More Fun To Compute
Mike York: 
CB4 - Strait Out Of Locash
Cop Scene #1: 
Harlem River Drive - Harlem River Drive
Tony Ferguson: 
The Beatnuts - Watchout Now
Chico Brenes: 
Monu Dibango - New Bell
Girl Montage: 
Public Enemy - Terrordome (instrumental)
Richard Mulder: 
Chocolate Milk - Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Danny Neumonic's Scene: 
Kraftwerk - Home Computer
Daniel Castillo: 
Public Enemy - Terror Metal
Mike Carroll: 
Andre Nickatina - Crack Raider Razor
Eric Koston 1: 
Master P - Make Em Say Uh 2
Eric Koston 2: 
Robbie McKinley: 
Mohawks - The Champ
Paulo Diaz: 
Paulo Diaz, Ross Hunter, Greg - ?
Keenan Milton: 
Rakim - New York
Scott Johnston: 
The High And Mighty - B-Boy Document (instrumental)
Colin McKay: 
Inside Hotel Scene: 
Rudy Johnson & Hyme Hernandez - Bosa Nova From The Brazilian Folk
Gino Iannucci: 
Genius - Publicity
Old Men Getting Kicked Out Scene: 
Souvenirs - Love's Melody
Stevie Williams: 
Big L - Size 'Em Up (instrumental)
Credits #1: 
J Geils - Freeze Frame
Credits #2: 
Cat Stevens - The Wind
Credits #3: 
John Lennon - Oh Yoko
Bonus #1: 
A Band of Bees - One Glass Of Water
Bonus #2: 
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - Observatory Crest