Hector Gill: 
The Grass Roots - Wait a Million Years
Hector Gill afters: 
Belle & Sebastien - There's too much love
PJ Ladd: 
Suede - Golden Gun
PJ Ladd afters: 
Mary Hopkin - Those were the days
David Vey (King of Freestyle) #1: 
Carl Orf - Fortune plango vulnera
David Vey (King of Freestyle) #2: 
Twisted sister - We're not gonna take it
David Vey (King of Freestyle) #3: 
Suicidal Tendencies - Possessed to skate
David Vey afters: 
Chris Belle Experience - Dreary landscapes and depressing shit
Colin Fiske: 
Suede - Money
Colin Fiske afters: 
Belle & Sebastian - Sleep the clock around
Skyy & Daddy Long Legs: 
Blur - Girls and Boys
Skyy & Daddy Long Legs Afters: 
Cheb Mami - Hava Nagila
Pulp - Feeling Called Love
Southie montage: 
Lou Monte - Lazy Mary
Ryan Weasel: 
David Bowie - Man who sold the world
Bonus - Baby Schizo: 
Wasp - Chainsaw Charlie (Murders in the New Morgue)
Bonus - "Vey Across The World": 
Joh. Seb. Bach by Andre Segovia - Suite #1 in G-Major
Bonus - PJ Ladd Coliseum '99 Part: 
Pulp - Common People