Consolidated - Behold

Consolidated - Behold cover art


Hott Butter - Popcorn
Seth McCallum: 
R.K.lck - This Is How We DOOM
Jeremiah Babb: 
Money Money 2020 - The Network
S.O.A - Girl Problems
super 8: 
Pupils - Fountain Flame
Gary Collins: 
The Burns - Hit of the Summer
Alan Petersen: 
Napalm Death - Scum
friends & family: 
Sellthehousesellthecar.... - Dillinger Four
Brian Heck: 
1,000 Things - Slip
Ryan Wilburn: 
Shellac - Crow
Heart Ripper: 
DJ Donner Party - Lessannoying
Quasi - All the Same
Jilbert Flipbook: 
DJ Donner Party - Organ
Nik Freitas - Penny
Blooder Reel: 
Morbid Angel - Within Thy Enemy
Gary Collins in NYC: 
Rob Ford - Song #1
Stuggle Tour extras: 
R.K.lck - Creeper
music credits: 
R.K.lck - SK8
Nik Freitas - Penny
Untitled Section: 
Mr. Dibbs - 231 Ways To Fry an Egg
Seth McCallum part 2: 
Wet Confetti - Goes To Jail
international team: 
Bastinado - a Taste of Western Justice