County Line

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County Line feature image
County Line feature image
County Line feature image
From Free Skate Mag: "Our Indiana boys are back with their latest batch of midwest magic, which comes complete with Nyle Lovett’s first proper full part as a professional, a 10/10 intro and Aaron Christopher – the mastermind behind this series – taking his fakie ledge game to new levels!" Featuring Nyle Lovett, Andrew Renshaw, Drew Behler, Anthony Rahn and Aaron Christopher in and around Indiana. Filmed and edited by Aaron Christopher.


00:00 Intro: 
The Books - IDKT
Intro 2: 
The Books - Read, Eat, Sleep
03:10 Andrew Renshaw: 
Dirty Art Club - Sincerely Yours, The D.A.C.
06:12 Drew Behler: 
Bonobo - D Song
07:45 Aaron Christopher: 
The Books - All Our Base Are Belong to Them
11:21 Anthony Rahn: 
The Kinks - Such a Shame
Nyle Lovett Intro: 
Family Portrait - Interlude - Never Shoud've Been There
14:41 Nyle Lovett 1: 
Aim - Pier 57
Nyle Lovett 2: 
Chapterhouse - Mesmerise