Cowtown - Asshole

Cowtown - Asshole cover art


‘ASSHOLE’ a Cowtown Video by Braden G. featuring Danny Barrera, Jalen Noel, Tino Rincon, Dashawn Jordan, Trey Wood, Klay Andersen, John Oneal. Skateshop videos will always be special – it opens up a window into local scenes and gives skateboarders the opportunity to shine. This one is great and we highly recommend getting a copy on


Burzum - My Journey to the Stars
Danny Barrera #1: 
Exile - Kiss You All Over
Danny Barrera #2: 
Minimal Man - Show Time
Jalen Noel: 
Ennio Morricone - The Sicilian Clan
Tino Rincon #1: 
Hype Williams - Blue Dream
Tino Rincon #2: 
Zapp & Roger - I Want to be Your Man
Dashawn Jordan: 
Prince - International Love
Trey Wood: 
Luxury Elte - Blush
Klay Andersen: 
Tears for Fears - Head Over Heels
John O'Neal #1: 
Aaliayah - Rock the Boat
John O'Neal #2: 
Method Man - What the Bloodclot
Misfits - Last Caress