DC - Australia Tour

DC - Australia Tour cover art
tour (27 min)
DC shoes (2006)


Badly Drawn Boy - Coming In To Land
Brisbane Intro: 
Mr. E - Aussie
Brisbane Demo: 
Mr. E - Finish Line
McKay to Danny Segue: 
Crystal Castles - Air War
Danny Way: 
Trenchant - Exit Wound
Melbourne Intro: 
Mr. E - Catch
Ellis Slam: 
Mr. E - Tretch
Melbourne Demo: 
Mr. E - Reflectionz
DC Australians Montage: 
Blue Sky Black Death - Gun Spray
Adelaide Demo: 
Swollen Members - Too Hot
Adelaide Product Toss: 
Crystal Castles - Return Of The Insection
Perth Intro: 
Mr. E - Sen
Perth Demo: 
? - Jamie Beats
Sydney Demo: 
The Orphan
Street Montage: 
Badly Drawn Boy - Born Again
Piano Magic - Metal Coffee
Map Titles: 
Mr. E - Aussie
Alias & Ehren - Miso Stomp