Animal Collective - Did You See The Words
Danny Cerezini intro: 
Primus - To Defy The Laws Of Tradition
Danny Cerezini #1: 
Notorious B.I.G. - Let's Get It On (Rain in my Heart) (feat. Frank Sinatra & 2Pac)
Danny Cerezini #2: 
Notorious B.I.G. - Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy (feat. Frank Sinatra)
John White: 
Electric Light Orchestra - Turn To Stone
montage #1: 
Mobb Deep - Survival Of The Fittest
Rodrigo Lima: 
Dario - Brazil Beats
montage #2: 
The Rakes - Retreat
Ramiro "Furby" Salcedo: 
Santana - Evil Ways
Adam Dyet: 
TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me
Bobby Womack - Across 110th Street
John Lennon - Imagine