Dumb - Is.Dumb.Ul

Dumb - Is.Dumb.Ul cover art


Tom Derichs: 
Fuzz Orchestra - Agosto 80
The Dumb Way To Istanbul Intro: 
High Wolf - Swallow Pills with Ganga River Water
The Dumb Way To Istanbul: 
R.U.N.I. - L'uomo Che Morisse Due Volte
Montage #1 : 
A Short Apnea - Neon Paralleli
Montage #2: 
Vermillion Sands - I Need No One
Alessandro Morandi Intro: 
The Alps - A Manha Na Praia
Alessandro Morandi: 
Vermillion Sands - Miss My Gun
Tilt Mode Army "Wild Boys Tour": 
Duran Duran - The Wild Boys
Vermillion Sands - Miss My Gun