Elephant Direct

Elephant Direct cover art
Elephant Direct is a visual project by two of skateboarding’s most traditional filmmakers, Jeremy Elkin and Jason Auger. Following in the spirit of Elkin’s "Lo-Def", here the work is compounded into a temporary online stream that serves as a tribute to the working class. In today’s post-‘throwaway’ era, senses and memories are all too regularly put under a general anesthetic at the hands of both over saturation and too many nameless kids doing 360 shove-its better than you could. And consequently, the relationship we form with skate videos rarely extend beyond a one-night stand of gross hyperbole and pressing a fucking ‘like’ button. Enter Elkin and Auger, determined to maintain that sense of mystery and memorable hand-made personality that made the likes of Video Days what it is: something that can never be described as ‘throwaway’.


Instant Orange - Skyline
Andrew McGraw: 
Brothers Unlimited - Life Dreams Death
Mike Fyfe: 
Witch - Strange Dream
Russ Milligan, Pat O'Rourke & Seb Labbe: 
Instant Orange - Visionary
Montage : 
Brian Jonestown Massacre - Take It from the Man
Bradley Sheppard & Torey Goodall : 
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Pluto the Dog
Marc Tison: 
GG Allin - Galileo
Justin Gastelum : 
GG Allin - Watch Me Kill
Kevin Lowry : 
Dark - In the Sky
Credits : 
GG Allin - Outskirts of Life