Emerica - EmPOWER

Emerica - EmPOWER cover art
Winkowski kicks it off with a footloose first part before Wimer's assault on the streets; the team gets some and Bækkel concludes the showcase with an unbelievable curtain-closing performance.


Josh Landau - Burning Rubber At Ace Cafe
Erick Winkowski #1: 
Death - Let the World Turn
Erick Winkowski #2: 
Bad Brains - Untitled
Chris Wimer: 
Jawbreaker - Fantastic Planet
Kevin Long & Julian Davidson: 
Evergreen - Pants Off
Team montage: 
NoMeansNo - The Tower
Kein Baekkel #1: 
Josh Landau - Only the Prettiest Little Thing
Kevin Baekkel #2: 
Crimpshrine - MSFMB
Glass Babble Radio - Swell