Dead Meadow - Sleepy Silver Door
Brandon Westgate: 
Earthless - Jull
Bryan Herman #1: 
Tom Waits - Top Of The Hill
Bryan Herman #2: 
Black Sabbath - Fairies Wear Boots
Marquis Preston: 
John Cale - Big White Cloud
Kevin Long: 
Captain Beefheart - Electricity
Collin Provost: 
Dead Meadow - Green Sky Green Lake
Jamie Tancowny: 
Comets on Fire - The Swallow's Eye
Aaron Suski: 
Flower Travlin' Band - Satori Pt. 2
Braydon Szafranski: 
Hawkwind - We Took The Wrong Steps Years Ago
Justin Figueroa: 
Dead Meadow - That Old Temple
Jerry Hsu: 
Ultimate Spinach - Somedays You Just Can't Win
Leo Romero: 
Mott the Hoople - Thunderbuck Ram
Andrew Reynolds: 
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Om Nashi Me
Earthless - No Road To Follow
Bonus - Andrew Reynolds & The Madness #1: 
Chali 2na - 4 Be Be (instrumental)
Bonus - Andrew Reynolds & The Madness #2: 
Chali 2na - Controlled Coincidence (instrumental)
Bonus - Andrew Reynolds & The Madness #3: 
Years - Don't Let The Blind Go Deaf
Bonus - Ed Templeton - Stay Gold Deluxe: 
Tristeza - Golden Hill
Bonus - Emerica Europe #1: 
Graveyard - Lost In Confusion
Bonus - Emerica Europe #2: 
Earthless - Devil-Eyed Woman
Bonus - International Montage: 
Sleep - Aquarian
Bonus - Flow Bros: 
Comets On Fire - The Bee And The Cracking Egg
DVD Easter Egg - Barrier Kult: 
Vomitor - Crimson Tide
DVD Easter Egg - Heath Kirchart: 
Joy Division - Atmosphere