Emerica - This Is Skateboarding

Emerica - This Is Skateboarding cover art
"Documenting two years on the road with the Emerica Team, This Is Skateboarding is an epic journey into the lives of this risk-taking band of cult heroes as they demonstrate their hair-raising assaults on a variety of urban terrain throughout all of the major skate meccas around the globe. From the innovative filmmaking team of Mike Manzoori and Jon Miner comes a new video presentation that's designed to become a classic in its genre. What is skateboarding? This Is Skateboarding!"



Tortoise - Seneca
Heath Kirchart: 
Mellow - Shinda Shima
Bryan Herman: 
The Richmond Sluts - Drive Me Wild
Ed Templeton: 
Butter 08 - It's the Rage
Austin Stephens: 
Belle & Sebastian - I Don't Love Anyone
Aaron Suski: 
Habanero - Eva
Bleed The Sky - 999
Darren Navarrette: 
Jesse & Josh of Operatic - Sheblacc
Erik Ellington: 
Danzig - 777
Tosh Townend: 
Lee Perry & The Upsetters - Blackboard Jungle Dub
Chris Senn: 
Jesse & Josh of Operatic - Senn dog
Kevin "Spanky" Long: 
The Cure - Close To Me (Closest Mix)
Andrew Reynolds: 
Jimi Hendrix - Burning of the Midnight Lamp
Mogwai - Tracy (Kid Loco's Playing With the Young Team remix)
Bonus - Montage 1: 
Mudhoney - Touch Me I'm Sick
Bonus - Heath Kirchart Dance of Despair: 
Jack Nitzsche - #1
Bonus - Montage 2: 
Can - Pinch
Bonus - Photo Gallery: 
Aerial M - Last Caress
Bonus - Andrew Reynolds Extra Part: 
The Sea and Cake - Sound & Vision
Bonus - Outtakes Montage: 
Papa M - Up North Kids
Papa M - Krusty