Empire - MISMATCH cover art
Our first-ever Empire full-length Video feature some of the finest Skaters from Quebec, BC and Ontario. This project is 17 minutes of pure skateboarding wizardry and a celebration of our Canadian talents. Special thanks to our sponsors: Vans Canada, Dc Skateboarding, Stance Socks, Pabst Canada & Bones Wheels. FEATURING: Morgan D-T, Mikey Ray, Mitch Barrette, Sascha Daley, Samantha Secours, Charles Deschamps, Ben Paterson, Phil Dulude, Johnny Purcell & many more EDITED BY: Eric Lebeau FILMED BY: Eric Lebeau, Charles Giroux, Roberto Presedo, Mitch Barrette, Devin Lopez ,Eric Iwakura, Angelo Fajardo, Jordan Moss, Brandon Alton, Benjamin Lachance & Max Gauvin


1. Morgan DT 1: 
SKIIFALL - Bagga Yute
2. Morgan DT 2 & Friends: 
SKIIFALL - Ting Tun Up
3. Montage 1: 
KEY WATCH - Snazzy Monkey
4. Montage 2: 
ROMEO - Nimbus Flip Uno
5. Samantha Secours, Sebastien LaPlaine, Charles Deschamps: