Enjoi - High Wire - The Documentary

Enjoi - High Wire - The Documentary cover art
"Josh Roossin jumped into the van and put up with our bullshit for two and a half weeks. this is what came of it. "


Lunchtime - Chaos Reigns (instrumental)
Gus Bus #1: 
Flying Machine - California
Gus Bus #2: 
Lunchitme - Bright Star (instrumental)
Gus Bus #3: 
Sam Wilkerson - Beat0005.wav
Gus Bus #4: 
Levi Yoakum Praire - Mummy
Michael Pulizzi #1: 
Flying Machine - Angels
Deedz #1: 
Sam Wilkerson - Sirens
Deedz #2: 
Levi Yoakum Praire - Raga Tones
Tony Latham #1: 
Sam Wilkerson - Beat003.wav
Tony Latham #2: 
Levi Yoakum Praire - Garden of Love
Caswsell Berry #1: 
Cooper Wetzel - Sunrise Circle 17
Caswell Berry #2: 
Tension - Never Relent
Ryan Connors: 
Hong Kong Fuck you - Thrid World Fighting Music (Continuous Play)
Andrea Benitez: 
Sam Wilkerson - Lixst001.wav
Jackson Philz: 
Nono San Pedro - No Trouble
Louie Barletta: 
Sam Wilkerson - Lixst.001.wav
Closing montage: 
Nono San Pedro - No Trouble
Sam Wilkerson - Lixst.002.wav
Untitled Section: 
Elijah Chavis - Eli Backyard
Untitled Section: 
Razor Units - BBQ