Enjoi - Tweak The Beef

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"Tweak The Beef was not just skateboard DVD and video on Thrashermagazine.com, it was a full viral assault that I lead. It was sixteen videos dropping consecutively to promote the team video in a way that wasn’t done at the time. From team introductions, to commercials, to slam sections, to a skatepark section… this was a video drop like no other. We even coordinated a product giveaway to coincide with the release. this launch had it all. This was a heavy hitting, viral, marketing campaign." -Matt Eversole


Tony Manfre - Spring Beat
Caswell Berry, Zack Wallin, Cairo Foster, Ryan Lay: 
Glass Candy - Digital Veriscolor
Ben Raemers: 
Aux Raus - Wire
Clark Hassler, Nestor Judkins, Jose Rojo, Wieger Van Wageningen: 
Starfucker - Dragon Queens
Louie Barletta: 
Freezepop - We Don't Have Normal Lives
Rodent - Dial Your Number