Etnies Visits Apache Nation In Arizona

Etnies Visits Apache Nation In Arizona cover art
We were proud to accept the invitation by Douglas Miles Sr., artist, muralist, and owner of Apache Skateboards, to visit the Apache Nation Reservation and skate their new skatepark. The San Carlos Apache Reservation was established in 1871, with the many bands of Apache spanning three counties in eastern Arizona. Our crew on this trip included etnies skate team manager Aidan Campbell, Gabryel Aguilar (Brazil), Malachi Gray (USA), Taylor Nye (USA), Evan Tancredi (Canada), and Darrius Hutton (USA). While we were on the Apache Nation Reservation, we were hosted by Doug Miles Jr., met up with tribal leaders, and got to taste the infamous Apache burger. Chairman Rambler’s Secretary and Apache Nation Skatepark Committee Member Naelyn Pike shared that she believes both the Apache community and skateboard community have resilience. It is safe to say spending time on the Apache Nation Reservation was a highlight of our trip to the PHX AM. Darrius Hutton said: “It was honestly an amazing opportunity to be able to experience the culture and get to know all those amazing people! The vibes were great, and I was thankful for the tour around to see the scenery and skate spots!”


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