THERE - Euro There 2

THERE - Euro There 2 cover art
"Welcome to our newest Place Presents we are VERY PROUD to be a part of this project in the smallest of ways. THERE skateboard's newest video EURO THERE 2 is not only a great video but it is exactly the type of content that we want to represent. Made on tour through Paris, Copenhagen, Malmo, & Berlin. This one has turned into a must-watch!" Featuring: Marbie, Jessyka Bailey, Sam Bolton, Briana King, Kat Sy, Leo Bañuelos, Nadair Asghari, Chandler Burton, Jeffrey Cheung, Myley De Courcy, Shag, & Kien Caples. Filmed by: Mike Iemma, Abi Teixeira, Trish McGowan, & Rey Choto. Edited by: Leo Bañuelos. Animations by: Jeffrey Cheung.


Hidden Spheres - Euan 92
Marbie, Jessyka, Sam, Brianna & Kat: 
New Composers - Love of Nature
Leo & Nadair: 
Army of Lovers - My Arm of Lovers
Chandler Burton & Jeffrey Cheung: 
Winston Hytwr - 6Morbohdis
Colors - Lonely Night (edit)
Myley De Courcy: 
Carambolage - Lisa
Shag, Kien: 
Yuné Pinku - Bluff
Shintaro Sakamoto - My Memories Fade