Fancy Lad - FL4

Fancy Lad - FL4 cover art
Fancy Lad Video #5 (chronologically, it's the 5th video). Features moody puppets, some sick CGI in the intro, a Narragansett Beer commercial, and craigslist actors delivering legendary skate video one-liners.


Abe Dubin: 
Guerilla Toss - Grass Shack (Giant Claw Remix)
Nick Murray: 
Tom Tweak - Hot Dogs (To The Tune Of "Kiss - Love Gun")
Eric Humes, Dave, Tate Kokubo, Legs, Zacher, Tom Tweak: 
Communion - Don’tcha
Quist, Peter, Kman: 
Prantz Fantast - Full Blast
Kam, Drake, Kordan, Jonah, Sunset, Floppy, Clancy, Bosy: 
Dorosoto - Club Traxx
Gnardo, Jesse James, Jason Park: 
The Red Falcon Projects - Club Traxx
Matt King, Gene Belanger, Dry Bones, Scutch: 
Colin Fiske: 
These Hidden Hands - Isopod (Ancient Mothods Remix)
Tony Derosa: 
SBACH - Sbach: Track 05
Matt Tomasello: 
Gobby - Theme For Money Go Deli
Guerilla Toss - 367 Equalizer