Fancy Lad - Secrets Of The Clown Box

Fancy Lad - Secrets Of The Clown Box cover art
Fancy Lad video #6. "This vid toggles between your best session and worst nightmare, as Tomasello continues to rewire the very idea of a skate trick, with back up from Orange Man, Milk Snake and Floppy Tim. Don’t ask questions, simply indulge." -Thrasher. There was a limited run of 30 VHS tapes produced. Cameo Appearance: Bam Margera


Matt Tomasello: 
Communion - Anything 4U
Justis Walton: 
Sfv Acid - Milksnake
Abe Dubin: 
Logan Devlin - Suspect
Colin Fiske: 
Lil Peptoman - Splixx
Dj Douggpound - Bandit Rock
Camp Blood - Cenobite
Caleb and Zak: 
Tortured Skull - Sinister Deception
Logan Devlin - Smell Dorado
Tom Tweak: 
High Tides - Zolar
Red Falcons Project - Mobile Lab (Dirt Beat Version)
Floppy Tim: 
Anthony Derosa - Future
Nick Murray ("Bigzo"): 
Ryan Kayhart - My Mental Health