Fellow - Nur Istaufa "Straight Path"

Fellow - Nur Istaufa "Straight Path" cover art
Fellow - Nur Istaufa "Straight Path" feature image
[Translated from Indonesian] Fellow Skateboards released Nuristaufa's video part entitled "Straight Path", which for Nuristaufa means a straight path. The process of making this video part took almost 2 years. Videos that mostly use devices, plus spots that are rarely seen in videos, provide their own color. Almost the entire video was taken in Pontianak and its surroundings. This video involves many friends from Nuristaufa, one of whom is Agung Ramadhan who also appears in this video, apart from that there is a filmer by Indra Setiawan and colleagues, then Perwira Bunga Bangsa as editor.


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