FESN - On The Broad

FESN - On The Broad cover art
"Sequel of "BEHIND THE BROAD", a dvd focusing on a skate shop FAT BROS in Nakano, Tokyo. 38 minutes of aggressive skating with 4 newly sponsored skaters: Yuzo Kudo with good flip tricks and style as seen in "UNDERGROUND BROADCASTING". An old rookie 30 year old Akira fujimoto, originally from Kochi, skating for 20 years and still keeps progressing his bank and tranny skills. Kenji Nakahira, an ollie master originally from Kochi as well, displaying his rare physical talent here in Nakano. Masakazu Aiso, a Numazu, Shizuoka habitat recovering from 2 year blank due to a knee injury, busting his technical tricks. Also includes full length parts by: Takahiro Morita, director of this dvd and still seeking for new tricks and his original skate style and Yoshiharu Yoshida, who puts most importance on street skating. A total skate video format. Jazz sounds produced by Taichi, who made the track for ending section in "43-26" are used for BGM Jazz musicians were gathered specially for this dvd, recording their session watching the footages from the dvd. A raw groove which cannot be seen in former FESN pieces. We present you with 38 minutes of tatally new footages and music."