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"Before I lived in Brussels, I lived in Lyon. Lyon is considered by some as the French skateboard capital, and during my stay throughout the Nineties, this was definitely true. A good friend of mine, Fred Mortagne helped put Lyon on the map by documenting all of the local talent and producing scene videos that received recognition from all around the country. Another of Lyon’s greatest exports is JB Gillet who topped the bill in Fred’s films. Fireworks was released in 1995 and features in no particular order: JB Gillet, Raphael Vitorelli, Julien Gilliot, Yves Goyatton, Hamid Bahri (R.I.P.), Olivier Bachex, Teemu (Nice), Karl Ouche, Jeff Berthelon, Malik Abdelsem and more. This is the second of Fred’s Lyon videos, the first being Magical Mystery Video, and despite me many requests for him to release his work as a boxset of Nineties nostalgia, he refuses to do so. With only a couple hundred VHS copies floating around in boxes or lost, I thought I would grant you the viewing pleasure of a digital version." -Ixelles18c, Wheelbite Wordpress, 15/12/2011