The Killing Floor - Fortune Cookie

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The Killing Floor - Fortune Cookie feature image
The Killing Floor - Fortune Cookie feature image
A film by Andrew Gray, Noah Smith, Seth Haupt, and James Alby for The Killing Floor. Edited by Andrew Gray. Filmed in the Pacific Northwest and Buenos Aires, Argentina. (also featuring Dallas, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Kyushu, Japan). Intro: 00:00 Portland/Andrew Gray: 00:27 Kyle Nickoshie: 2:30 Josh Love: 3:12 Josh Anderson: 4:13 Daichi Ishibashi: 4:46 Hitoshi Yoneda: 5:17 Buenos Aires: 5:37 BA Montage 1: 6:33 BA Josh L. and Kyle: 9:55 Outro: 13:11 IG: Kyle Nickoshie @brownlikeafence Josh Love @josh_love Andrew Gray @pipi_spots James Alby @albythere4u Josh Anderson @mewnyewnit Daichi Ishibashi @daichiishibashi Hitoshi Yoneda @hitoshiyoneda and friends Harrison Williams, Thomas Hughes, Fede Gonzales, and Ezequiel Martínez. cover photo: Kyle Nickoshie by Noah Smith


1. Intro: 
Infinity Frequencies - Absence
2. Portland / Andrew Gray, James Alby, Thomas Hughes, John Vitale, Jesse Kamerzell: 
Annabel Lamb - Take Me In Your Arms
3. Kyle Nickoshie, Josh Love, Josh Anderson, Daichi Ishibashi, Hitoshi Yoneda: 
Upper Class - Six Million
4. Buenos Aires Intro: 
Laurie Spiegel - Improvisation On a 'Concerto Generator'
5. Buenos Aires 1: 
Las eras - Subte
6. Segue 1: 
Charly García - Promesas Sobre El Bidet (Chopped And Screwed)
7. Segue 2: 
8. BA, Josh L. and Kyle: 
The Midnight Hour (Adrian Younge, Ali Shaheed Muhammad) - Redneph In B Minor
9. Outro: 
desert sand feels warm at night - Yesterday, 2095