Friend Zone

Friend Zone cover art
A film based out of Seattle, WA featuring 35th north shop riders Sony vx1000, 16mm, Super 8


Intelligence dept - Sleeping city
DeHart: GL - Take me back
Ichimura: Selebrities - Sunset
Metropolis - See no reason
Amandus Mortensen: 
Ariel Pink - Lipstick
Trevor Clark: 
This Mortal Coil - 16 days
The KVB - Always then
Untitled Section: 
The Cleaners From Venus - Only a Shadow
Untitled Section: 
Tres - Break your body down
Untitled Section: 
Kevin the Creep - S.I.C. radio
Griffin Gass: 
Mall Grab - Drive
Klay Andersen: 
Black Marble - Safe minds
Logan Devlin: 
Illum Sphere - Second sight
Josh Jones: 
Martin Dupont - Inside out
Jesse Lindloff: 
John Maus - No title (molly)
Untitled Section: 
Drab Majesty - Not just a name
Chris Jameson: 
Peter Godwin - Images of heaven
Untitled Section: 
Human League - Seconds
Brian Eno - Big ship
Untitled Section: 
Die Jungen - When I wake
DVD Menu song: 
Lex Allan - ?