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"Bethlehem Steel provided the bones of the East Coast's iconic infrastructure and PA’s locals uncover its ongoing potential like nobody else. This follow up to Rust Belt Trap brings the hunt in high relief. Jake Baldini, John Shanahan and Matt Andersen’s parts will spark your inner explorer." -Thrasher Magazine Jake Baldini John Shanahan Matt Andersen And Many More Bethlehem Steel: New York City East Coast Skateboarding


1. Intro: 
Pete Seeger - Keep Your Eyes On the Prize
2. Jake Baldini 1: 
Lou Donaldson - Light Foot
3. Jake Baldini 2: 
Christine Perfect - No Road Is the Right Road
4. Montage (Zach Dykes, Timbo, Dave Caddo, Devon Connell, Nick Panza, Rubble Man, Brian Powderly, Kyle Dalrymple, Luke Koch, Sloan Palder, John Gardner, Theo Korkidas, Jerry Mraz): 
Wanda Jackson - Funnel Of Love
5. Justin Helmkamp, Mark Humienik, Dick Rizzo, Jesse Chahalis: 
Them - How Long Baby
6. Joseph Delgado: 
Horace Silver - Senor Blues
7. Neil Herrick, Giorgio Villone, Matt Pepe, Mike Chinner, Jut: 
Leadbelly - Line 'Em
8. ...James Juckett, James Lee, Mike Heikkila, Ray Abaza, Brett Weinstein: 
Karen Dalton - Down On the Street (Don't You Follow Me Down)
9. John Shanahan: 
Minnie Riperton - Every Time He Comes Around
10. Matt Andersen: 
Lou Reed - How Do You Think It Feels
11. Credits: 
Lou Donaldson - The Masquerade Is Over