ID - RoadsWeekend

ID - RoadsWeekend cover art


Intro #1: 
Coldplay - Life In Technicolor (Instrumental)
Intro #2: 
Sons And Daughters - Taste The Last Girl
Rubén Gomez: 
Kula Shaker - Great Hosannah
Erik Batista: 
Arcade Fire - Keep The Car Running
Dani Millán: 
The Beatles - Love Me Do
Sharon Jones - Tell me
Pau Hernández: 
The Sonics - Have Love Will Travel
Iban Martín: 
Kings Of Leon - Fans
Nacho González #1: 
Echo & The Bunnymen - The Back Of Love
Nacho González #2: 
Wilson Picket - Sunny
Credits #1: 
The Hollies - Carrie Anne
Credits #2: 
Caesars - Solina
Rilo Kiley - Wires And Waves