John Clemmons "L.L.H.G"

John Clemmons "L.L.H.G" cover art


From Free Skate Mag: ‘John and I filmed this part in 2023 between local spots in Louisville and throughout Kentucky, as well as on a few trips to New York. We decided to dedicate it to our late friend, the young skateboarder and Home Skate Shop employee Josh Ralston. He coined the motto ‘Hustle Grind’ and made it a silly part of his unique personality, which we chose to honour with to title the project: ‘L.L.H.G’ ( Long Live Hustle Grind). Included at the end of the part is a little tribute… He was a shining presence in our local skate scene, a great supporter and a true friend.’ – Ryan Tassi. Filmed and edited by Ryan Tassi. Additional filming Eliase Parise and Lorenzo Martinez. Thumbnail image by Elias Parise. In Memoriam: Josh Ralston 2003-2023.


White Reaper - Don't You Think I Know?