Jozi Days

Jozi Days cover art
Johannesburg is one of the hardest cities in the world to skate, rough spots, private security and vast distances make creating a skateboarding film even harder. Jozi Days is the brain child of Jonathan Kyriakou (Jono Kay), an independent skateboarding film featuring debut parts from T-Kay Modise, Taylor Sturgess and Trae Rice. Part Documentary the film seeks to paint a picture of the fluorescing Jozi skate scene. An all local soundtrack exploring the new wave of electronic music producers. Featuring original music by Behr, Buli, Big Space, Hlasko, Leeu and Vox Portent. Sound Design by Thor Rixon Graphic Design by Rachal Sandler Directed/Filmed/Edited by Jonathan Kyriakou Additional filming by Dean Marais and Mike Chinner Narrated by Brendan Dyamonds, Pravesh Manga and Wandile Msomi


Vox Portent - That Special Place (Buli Remix)
T-Kay Modise: 
Behr & Leeu - Instant Halo
Big Space - Jingo Zombo
Trae Rice: 
The Soul Diggers - He Went Back
Behr & Leeu - Cumphrey Leaves
Taylor Sturgess: 
The Sun Chasers - Need
Buli - Atmosphere