KINGTOM - A Tom Peha Story

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A glimpse into the story of northwest skateboarder Tom Peha and how his character and determination led him to skating on the Seattle Kingdome's roof days before its implosion. Starring Tom Peha, and featuring Micah Shapiro Marshall "Stack" Reid Max Holbein Wez Lundry Dave Waite Randy Hanford Kyle Minahan Tony Croghan Jordan Sanchez Salman Agah Mike Ranquet Matt Gottwig Tobias Coughlin-Bogue Troy Gipson Matt Bennett Cory Kennedy and Lance Mountain Main title logo by Mary Rockstad Thanks to 35th North Additional track by Spluii Numa, I forgot them in the credits Get Tom’s limited edition board designed by Zach Rockstad at ***The footage is included in Marshall "Stack" Reid's 2002 video "Urban Rubble" from Manik Skateboards. Follow the link on this page to that video's page.***