Kre-per - Kre-per Show

Kre-per - Kre-per Show cover art



Jersey Trash - Get Away
Kyle Hagerty: 
The Murder City Devils - Press Gang
JJ Mace, Seth Dunk, Billy Wilson: 
3 Inches Of Blood - Ride Dark Horse Ride
Hor - Network Traffic Jam
Brigham Edwards: 
Aggression - Never Alone
Ryan Carpenter: 
Pentagram - Forever My Queen
Southwest Tour #1: 
3 Inches Of Blood - Headwaters Of The River Blood
Southwest Tour #2: 
Blazing Haley - High Plains Shifter
Daniel "Peewee" Monkress Intro: 
Black Flag - Revenge
Daniel "Peewee" Monkress: 
The Pagans - What's This Shit Called Love?
Dave Reul Intro: 
The Graveyard Farmers - Chupacabra
Dave Reul: 
Skatanic Rednecks - Blood On The Saddle
Dave Reul Outro: 
The Graveyard Farmers - Chupacabra
Chris Swanson Intro: 
The Cliftons - Too High To Die
Chris Swanson #1: 
GG Allin - Cheri Love Affair
Chris Swanson #2: 
The Pagans - Eyes Of Satan
Chris Swanson Outro: 
The Cliftons - Too High To Die
Decry - Sonic Reducer